Think: What do YOU want to do?

What do YOU want to do?

– I can’t find a clear answer to this question. To answer this question you need to imagine that all the doors are open, money is not an issue, and entire planet is your playground. 

Under these conditions, what do you want to DO?

Just say first thing that comes to your mind – Sit on the porch and stare into an open space?
This ***DO*** is about something other than move, eat and rest.
This DO implies activity that you would engage after you done moving, eating and resting.
This DO is an activity with a goal in it. 

Here are some examples:
– discover (new truths),
– create (write, paint, assemble, build),
– set a record (faster, stronger, further etc.),
– change (block, prevent, stop, allow).

All is possible.  All choices are equally good. May be for the first time you are asked to find not what you need to do, but what you want to do.  For the first time in your life you need to inquire what you capable of doing if all barriers are removed.

I would start with an empty field flat in all directions. Whatever you choose to do is OK. You can go in any direction including up and down (with some effort). 

Where you need to be on the planet to achieve your goal?  Most goals can be achieved only in large cities where you and your team are provided for.

One possible answer is to search for an idea.  And to do that you do not need unlimited resources.  You can search for your great IDEA without winning a lottery.  And amazing thing is . . . if you happen to discover your super IDEA, you do not need unlimited resources to start working on it.

Simply by asking big questions you are helping yourself to achieve greater state of mind.  You do not need unlimited resources to work toward that main IDEA of your life.

To summarize, ask yourself often – What do ***I*** want to do?

Search for your MAIN life-defining idea.  To do that (to search) you need to spend time, to plan, to make small steps to narrow down the answer.  Devote your personal time for this search.  Turn off TV, say No to invitations.  Try thinking for the first time. Experience how difficult it is to think. 

Keep asking yourself one tough question – What do I want to do?

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