What is life’s goal?

Borrow God's ideas to proliferate life on Earth

In his very influential work “What Is Life? The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell” Schrödinger defined the principles of future DNA discoveries back in 1944.  He outlined that life code must be captured in a very small unit within a long molecular chain that are permanent and somehow can resist a decay.  This book was widely read by a generation of scientists in several disciplines and can be considered a theoretical foundation of further scientific pursuits that succeeded between King’s College in London and University of Cambridge in March of 1953.

20 years later, in 1976, life driving force was further theoretically summarized by Dawkins in his “The Selfish Gene”.  He did a  very realistic presentation showing genes as a drivers and organisms as their vehicles.  Moreover, genes were shown will either force vehicles to behave or abandon vehicles that are not to their liking.

50 years later, it appears that this principle of driver versus vehicle can be extended to objects larger than individual organisms.  What is driving force of living cell Earth?  What is a unit of heredity here?  Who carries a uneasy role of a vehicle for that cell?

Earth as a unit of life

Think of Earth as  an emerging single unit cell that just appeared and didn’t yet encounter a competition from other living cells nearby.  What drives that isolates cell to proliferate?  Applying the same principles, we need to find small and strong units that can reproduce and resist change.  Earth itself will be just a vehicle that life unit comfortable rides two-three billion revolutions around the sun.

Today, 2019-07-24 at 01:48 at night EST I couldn’t sleep and decided to start thinking about life driving forth for a living cell Earth.  For now, I have to reject the civilization as an answer, because living cell Earth started without any humans and depends on survival on so much more than just humans. But much more attractive answer so far seems to be . . . the product of human evolution – drive to be.  I know – it is redundant.  But there is not word for it yet.

As all creatures on Earth continue to fight each other for survival, very slowly another type of organism appeared – a Nation.  Now, they fight each other in an epic battle for life.  Is there any indication that period of internal wars will be ending soon  and something even larger than Nations will appear?  Will all these nations form a single unified drive to be?

Routes in the direction of universal Earthly drive to be could be:

 – unification of most Nations into a single Earth community under pressure of limited resources;

– ultimate final victory on one single Nation and unification;

– establishment of a new dominant creature that doesn’t depend on humans for survival and proliferation.

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