Stop multiple “upprinterinstaller” command windows popup every hour

After synchronizing your laptop with corporate policies you might notice that multiple black command windows will popup on a regular basis that might even look like some virus.

You are in luck if you hade ADMIN rights on your laptop.  You can easily go to registry and delete all references to this DLL and this EXE from there.  If you do not have admin rights – I do not think even Microsoft have the fix for you yet. At least I do not see any references to a systematic way to fix this issue.


Task Scheduler

Stop the programs in Task Scheduler

Open Task Scheduler immediately after the black UPPrinterInstaller CMD popup shows up. In the Task Status pane filter to task that ran in the last hour and begin expending the tasks categories to see that task just completed.  That will be your offending task.

I found that I need to disable tasks that ran inside EnterpriseMgmt category. Navigate to \Microsoft\Windows\EnterpriseMgmt\NNNNNN-some-long-ID\ and disable tasks that match the time when you notice the pop ups.  I had to disable following tasks:

 –01– PushLaunch
 –02– PushRenewal
 –03– Retry Schedule created for incomplete session
 –04– Schedule #3 created by enrollment client
 –05– Schedule to run OMADMClient by client
 –06– Wsc Startup event listener created by enrollment client

After disabling these tasks, the annoying black CMD pop up stopped.


The findings below were just an investigation material that finally helped with recommendation above.



Go to Task Scheduler and navigate to Microsoft –> Intune.  Disable 2 tasks listed there:



What did we found in the REGISTRY

Open the registry – regeit.exe.

Search for “upprint” and start removing various system references to DLLs and EXEs:



Microsoft Intune

Here is a link to Microsoft documentation that cause this problem:

Create a Universal Print policy in Microsoft Intune

What is Microsoft Intune:



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