Lyme Disease – What Does It Look Like?

You can collect a dozen of deer ticks
in a few hours while in Cutler Park

What does Lyme disease look like?  We heard so much about the dangers of an infected tick bite, but never got a chance to look the danger in the face.  Ticks are everywhere in the wild.  They are in the thick of the woods, and in the middle of public parks.  Luckily, this danger doesn’t have to be fatal.

On Tuesday June 26, I was working from home and started feeling extremely tired towards the end of the day. On Wednesday I went to work, but felt fatigued and feverish. On Thursday, June 28, I worked from home mostly in horizontal position. On Friday I took a day off, and was planning to go to New Hampshire for an extended weekend, but couldn’t go because I felt weak. Finally, around 15:30 my wife noticed a large bulls-eye shaped reddening on my back, and said “Put your clothes on. We need to go to the hospital.”


Initial Lyme disease scare

June 29 – 21 days after the bite

We arrived at Newton-Wellesley Hospital Emergency at 16:05 and waited for only 48 minutes. Just one look at the  reddening was enough. They had no doubts. It’s Lyme Disease.  No need to see the blood work results. I asked if it was a smart decision to go to the hospital with this, and they said: “We are happy you are here.”  The insurance co-pay on Emergency Room services was $150.

They gave me medication right away – Doxycycline Monohydrate – then did the blood work and EKG. Around 6 PM we were on the way home. Pharmacy had the medication ready in a matter of minutes (6:13 PM). The  scare was over. Now we were watching the illness go away. My wife scheduled 2 reminders on my phone for 9AM and 9PM for the next 3 weeks. I started contemplating, how lucky I was that my wife noticed the rush. It was 90 degrees outside but I was cold the whole time and was wearing multiple layers.


July 1 – 23 days after the bite

Chronology of Events

June 8  FRI – Most likely day of tick bite – Cutler Park, Newton/Needham, MA – USA

June 29 FRI – 21 days after the bite – a bulls eye pattern was noticed on the back.  A trip to emergency room.

July 1 SUN – 23 days after the bite;  2 days on medication – Last picture is taken.  Bulls eye is still growing, but fear is gone.


Doxycycline Monohydrate – 100mg

Slows the bacteria growth and allows the body’s immune system to destroy it.

Medication usually prescribed for 14 or 21 days twice a day.  If taken on an empty stomach can cause vomiting.

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