Keyboard Shortcuts for Next, Previous, Euro, Degree Symbols and Moving Around Inside a Worksheet

Some of these shortcuts are not very obvious, and it took a lot of experimenting before finding the right combination.

Apps Keyboard Shortcut Description
Word ALT+CTRL+Y Find Next (F3 doesn’t work)
Word ALT+CTRL+E Euro Symbol – €
Word Ctrl+Shift+2, Space or
\degree (see notes*)
Degree Symbol – °
Excel SHFT+F4 Find Next  (F3 doesn’t work)
Excel Ctrl+Tab Next Open Excel File
Excel Ctrl+Page Down Next Sheet
Excel Ctrl+Page Up Previous Sheet
Excel Home Beginning of the Row
Excel End+Enter End of the Row
Excel Ctrl+Arrow Up Top of the Column
Excel Ctrl+Arrow Down Bottom of the Column
Any ALT+0128 Euro Symbol – €
Any ALT+0176 Degree Symbol – °
Any Ctrl+Shift+Esc Task Manager
IE, Firefox Ctrl+Tab Next Tab
 Excel Format  Ctrl+J New Line – Type your custom format and break it into several lines.
 Word  Shift+F3  Toggle CASE – case – Case quickly
[2015-06-09 TU]
 Excel  Ctrl + Shift + “+” Insert a new row above the cursor
[2015-06-29 MO]
 Word  Ctrl+Shift+E  Toggle Track Changes quickly
[2017-06-14 WE]
 Excel  Ctrl + Space
Shift + Space
Select current column
Select current row
[2017-06-14 WE]
 Windows Win Key + Pause/Break  Opens System Properties
[2015-09-01 TU]
 Windows ALT+0169  Copyright – ©  [2016-06-22 WE]
 Excel  Alt + =  Auto-sum – this is a really good time-saving shortcut
Excel Alt + ‘
Copy from a cell above [2018-02-05]
Word Alt+h   k   a Remove Space After Paragraph

*Notes about Degree symbol (°) and Word 2007:

Hold Alt and type 0176 on a numeric keypad. That always works in all Windows applications.
Also one can use Word-specific key combination Ctrl+Shift+2, Space .
To enable \degree to work in normal Word text you need to go to Office button – Word Options – Proofing – AutoCorrect Options… – Math AutoCorrect and click on Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of math regions.

I keep returning to this page almost every week for reference. And I keep adding new interesting shortcuts, that I discover by accident.

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