IE10 is not saving passwords and user names

I hope this post will help a lot of frustrated users out there.


IE10 was working fine, but at one point it stopped saving user names and passwords for web sites.

This most securely-configured browser, so switching was not an option.   Here is my solution.  Please see, if it works for you.


For extra security I’ve checked Delete browsing history on exit (see image 1).  I did it without understanding, what it is I am requesting to delete.  To solve my problem, I had to uncheck Cookies and website data on the very next Delete screen (see image 2).  Now IE10 is preserving user names in passwords for visited sites.

 IE - Delete browsing history on exit  IE - preserve Cookies and website data
Image 1: You want to delete browsing history on exit for safety reasons Image 2: But to save passwords, you have to preserve cookies and web data

Please remember to exit all IE instances before testing this.  You do NOT have to restart your PC.  Good luck!

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