Hairbrush for Your Thoughts – Grooving

Muscles need their gymnastics.

The same is true for your thoughts.  All day you go around piling up ideas and information.   How do you handle all this mess?

Develop a habit of organizing and ordering your thought by using a mental hairbrush.    I do not want to use a stigmatized word Meditate.  People have some preconceived notions about meaning of word meditate.  So no, this is not about meditation.

Lets call this mental activity using a completely meaningless word – grooving.  Something between grouping and grooming.

Same people need to talk to sort thing out.  For them this is a form of grooving.  Others, need be along for a while.  For them that is grooving.  Yet another people write letters, or lay still on their backs, or hide in the dark.

All these activities can be considered as a type of grooving as long as they are repetitions, personal and not intertwined with external simulators, like books,  recordings (music), voices (other people), food, drugs or drinks.

Urgent need for grooving arises, when you are deprived of any personal time.  When all your time is taken by colleges, clients, visitors, reading, listening, learning, digesting, your thoughts are getting messy and keep piling up on the desktop of your conscience.  But they need order, they need clarity, they require stretching and regular exercise.

[above Written 2011-06-02 TH  10:06 Newton, MA – USA]

I know that books and music are sure killer of personal time.  They take you away from self.  But I can’t tell for sure about smoking.  It could be a pure personal experience, when you breathe in and out, and monitor your responses, and your thoughts are purely your own.

This could be one more argument for a diehard smoker:  “My smokes give me a break from all the problems in the world.   They allow me re-connect with myself, and  I am ready to face whatever challenges people are plotting around me.”

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