Game Results 2011-03-16 WED – First Second Aniversary Game

It was a dark stormy night, and Dima VOP (Voice of the People) decided to stick his neck out and start a new Yahoo! group.  That is how 2 years ago two amorphous email lists merged into one mighty Yahoo! group – My-Football.   Wow, what a remarkable and touching story.

All 8 people, who booked a place on a Wednesday anniversary game had arrived as planned.  Two year anniversary of our Yahoo! group fell on first game of the Wednesday season.  Well, today we had our first game, first goal and a first win.

We started 18:02.   It was a close fight all the way through.  Early 6:3 lead for WHITEs, where rudely interrupted by DARKs – 6:6.

Kolya P. and Lesha K. both scored over 50% of all goals.

One more time WHITEs tried to make a run 9:6, and DARKs one more time tried to interrupt the success – 9:8.  At this moment it was getting a little darker and a last goal by Christof sealed the deal (19:09).

Happy 2-year anniversary everyone!  Long-live My-Football!

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