Game Results 2011-02-06 SUN – Forth Complete Clean Up in a Row

Yes!  We are still playing.

But no one gets any statistics.  On Saturdays we do not have enough people and it is not official.  On Sundays we are getting too many people, and we have to play with 3 rotating teams.

This week we discovered a sheet of ice under the snow And we have to do a second clean up aided by sun action

Our people are great.  Finally we are getting enough shovels, and field is getting cleaned in no time.  But remember – it is small.  It is only the size of a basketball court.  So this week we will probably try to extent it a little.

Misha P. from Team II is about to score a goal Vladis protecting his goals

On Sunday February 06 we formed 3 teams by 6 people in each:

Team I Team II Team III
Dr. Yurik
Tim F.
Zhenia D.
Kolya P.
Lenia Ch.
Misha P.
Stas M.
Vladis Sh.
Vlad U.
Alex B.
Alex Grt
Lenia G.
Vadim L.

We played for a very long time.  Last people to leave at 13:02.

One second Kolya P. is running for the ball And very next second Kolya is down
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