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    Udar Gromov

    – It was a normal Wednesday, December 20, 2017
    – At work, people started to leave home early as for many it was the last work day before Christmas vacation week
    – House in a second vote approved Tax Cut Bill 224-201
    – Earlier Senate voted 51-48 – brutal!
    – Please think for a second what NO vote means?
    – Who are these NO people? Are they against lower taxes?
    – No! They are not against lower taxes. They are for BIGGER Government!

    Have you heard a great news? – We won in Washington! – Again! Everyone is out watching the news – We won the tax cut! Let’s turn this slow-moving ship from socialism to a Meritocracy– let’s try along with Mr. President!

    – NO people want to pump more money for their selfish programs – Stop that!
    – These NO people will not stop till they get all the money from us
    – These NO people had to be stopped
    – That is why we voted for him 13 months and 11 days ago
    – 11 month passed since Trump came to power (Jan 20, 2017)
    – Businessman in the White House knows that money do NOT grow on the trees
    – Look how many people came to Trump staircase to celebrate a victory
    – Where all these people were when the time were tough?
    – Let Trump be Trump! This is so true – he is the best untamed!
    – The guy who won many battles in NYC real estate business is not to be defeated.
    – Why we must pay Government to pay us for our health care? – Stop that!
    – Do not mix Government and healthcare, please.
    – Money in Government hands is a huge waste
    – People who earned the money know better how properly to spend these money and what programs to support
    – Success brings more success, even though it took 11 months to materialize!
    – Thank you, Mr. President for your great endeavor at your early seventies!
    – Thank for trying to turn around this slow-moving USS away from socialism and back to meritocracy
    – We feel that there is a great leader at the helm!
    – The less money to bureaucrats, the more money to People of this great country.

    Do you share the same sentiment?

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