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    Udar Gromov

    2018-06-29 FR

    0645 wake up on a 23 floor +14°C – chilly
    0716 walk to St. James Park
    0845 breakfast at an Hilton Executive Lounge – included
    1100 Kings Cross tube station
    Lenin’s places in London:
    1146 16 Percy Circus, London WC1X 9EE – Lenin lived near here in 1905
    1211 Bevin Court – Cruikshank St, London WC1X 9HB
    1246 The Crown Tavern – gathering place for comrades Bolsheviks
    1243 roasted vegetables at Artisserie (next door to Crown Tavern £4.85 = $6.40 )
    1325 Marx Memorial Library and Worker’s School – closed on FR- how such places still exits?
    1359 found free ATM – withdraw £200
    1416 Charles Dickens Museum
    1439 John Maynard Keynes (with Bloomsbury Group) lived near hear (sign on UCL School of Pharmacy)
    1449 The British Library
    In the library – treasures of the library – Marna Carta, first printed Bible, letters from Marx, original music scores from famous composers, kings and Queens.
    Lira’s phone dies and she had to borrow someone charger to send me a message – creative!
    1629 Newton statue in library yard
    1654 Farewell status inside St. Pancras station
    1800 food at Hilton Executive lounge
    2043 Hyde Park walk with photos from sunny Kodak moment
    2101 Hyde Park Speakers Corner
    2141 memorial to all the animals used and killed in British wars
    2203 pictures with telephone both in front of Hilton hotel

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