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Yes, it is amazing. I heard that 4S stand for “For Steve” (dedicated

to Steve Jobs).

Here are some dialogs I was having with it:

Me: Set Reminder to 7PM

Siri: What do you want to remind at 7PM

Me: Go to Trader Joe’s.

Siri: OK. I will remind you

Me: Thank you!

Sire: Your wish is my command

Me: You are so cool, Siri.

Siri: (after a pause) I know.

It understands verbs:

Open (web site),

Research (Google search)

What is (dictionary).

Me: Take a picture.

Siri: You have to do it yourself.

I can now dictate my emails and notes.

Some verbs it doesn’t understand yet: Translate.

Plus I still enjoy normal features from OS5 and even OS4 that I did

not have before:



Swipe down to see all notifications

My Notes are now synchronized with Google email account.

I only installed 2 APPS so far:

Elevation – to tell your current elevation above Sea Level and

iBooks – to read iPhone OS5 manual in detail.

My old charger, ear plugs and even belt holster from the original iPhone 2 fit!

So, are you tempted?