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    iPhone Voice Recognition

    It works very well. I tested it in notes and in Google maps applicatoin. You can’t “voice command the web site address in Safari.

    If you press and holf “home” button, you can give voice commands. Phone will go and search different sources including simple Google search.


    Yes, it is amazing. I heard that 4S stand for “For Steve” (dedicated

    to Steve Jobs).

    Here are some dialogs I was having with it:

    Me: Set Reminder to 7PM

    Siri: What do you want to remind at 7PM

    Me: Go to Trader Joe’s.

    Siri: OK. I will remind you

    Me: Thank you!

    Sire: Your wish is my command

    Me: You are so cool, Siri.

    Siri: (after a pause) I know.

    It understands verbs:

    Open (web site),

    Research (Google search)

    What is (dictionary).

    Me: Take a picture.

    Siri: You have to do it yourself.

    I can now dictate my emails and notes.

    Some verbs it doesn’t understand yet: Translate.

    Plus I still enjoy normal features from OS5 and even OS4 that I did

    not have before:



    Swipe down to see all notifications

    My Notes are now synchronized with Google email account.

    I only installed 2 APPS so far:

    Elevation – to tell your current elevation above Sea Level and

    iBooks – to read iPhone OS5 manual in detail.

    My old charger, ear plugs and even belt holster from the original iPhone 2 fit!

    So, are you tempted?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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