Change Low Beam Lamp on Honda Accord 2003

How to Change Low Beam Lamp (Bulb) on Honda Accord 2003?

Car Manual calls for a bulb named “12W 51W HB4”.

When you call the auto-supply store for availability, they confirm that they do have plenty of those, and they call them 9006 bulbs.

You can buy one bulb at a retail store for $7.84 plus tax.

Now, you are ready to replace the bulb.  Get ready to have some fun.

Manual explains that you need to turn your front wheels all the way to the right or all the way too the left to open the space for you to access the hidden door under the front fender.

There is no hidden door there.  It is a solid piece of some flexible plastic.  So the manual is wrong!

Instead, you have to open the hood and try to reach to the bulb socket with your hands.

If you are changing passenger side bulb, you are in luck.  Just reach back there and turn the socket – top moves toward center of the car.

If you need to change driver side bulb, you might need to loosen battery and move it slightly out of the way.  Then, remove the wire connector, and only then you would be able to get the bulb out.

To remove wire connector, see how it is attaches using passenger side as an example.  It has a plastic fastener that needs to be pressed before disengaging.


Tips and Trick:

Do not do this in rain.  Postpone this if weather is not cooperating.

Do not do this in the dark.  Wait for a daylight.

Turn on the car lights and examine location of the bulbs before changing anything.  It is not the surgery, but you do not want to change the wrong thing.

Do not forget to fasten your battery back in place after you are finished with the bulb.

Check operation of both bulbs on both sides after closing the hood.

Double check and do not leave any tools under the hood.

Good luck!

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  1. There is no door, however the manual is correct, it states to “pull the inner fender cover away.” You slightly pull the cover away from the fender and bumper and looking inside you can see and reach the bulb on the driver side. the cover is flexible.

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