01 Game Results – 2012-09-05 WED – Lots of Players, Few Goals

Fall Season for Wednesday games has started.  It lasts till the end of October  First captains of the season – Yura D. and Lyonia G.
 First pass of the season – Max F.
 First header of the season – Amr   First goal of the season – Amr
 We should start now at 17:30 to capture remaining daytime


Game Timeline

18:03 – 0:0 – Game starts and quickly gets to 13-on-13 mark

18:46 – 0:1 – Pass from Max F. and Amr scores the first goal of the season – header

19:02 – 1:1 – Ben carries the ball on the left side of the field all the way to the goal post.  He gives a light pass to Christof, and only Igor Gr. helps to pond the ball into the net.

19:11 – 2:1 – Pawel K. takes the credit for a complex play in front of the goals, and Amr almost saved the goal.

19:14 – Moisha is out.  It is 12-on13 now.  Will it make a difference?

19:14 – 2:2 – An immediate payment.  Kolya P. hits the ball for a sure goal, but Yura D. the one who scores.

19:23 – 2:3 – Goalkeeper just could not stop Amr from scoring.  His second goal of the season!  His second header!

19:25 – 2:3 – Sudden end. People just leave the field in a dusk.



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