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SQL Server

Update Field Based on a Field in Another Table

This article contains 3 examples: – T-SQL; – MS Access; – AS/400.   This example shows a standard T-SQL syntax tested on MS SQL 2005 server: update P set P.CertMemberLevelID = Z.CertLevelTo from   UPM_MemberPermissionMask P INNER JOIN zzzCertRegistryUpdate Z ON P.MemberID = Z. Cert2ID Here we are updating one […]


How to Work with MySQL – Basic Tasks

This material is tested with MySQL 5.1 and 5.5 on various Windows versions. This article covers these topics: -010- MySQL Data Location -020- Shortcut to MySQL Command Shell -030- Create a New Database -035- Delete an Existing Database -040- Display a List of All DB Users -050- Display a List […]


Sat 08:30-NS Second turf Sun 08:00-NS Grass

2023-08-08 TU Both SAT and SUN games are both on again with plenty of players on both days. 2023-05-05 FR Our Sunday game is temporary suspended. Too many people graduated to leagues and tournaments (Sun 08:00-NS). 2022-12-31 SA We have a tradition to take a photo on December 31 after […]