Game Results 2011-09-10 SAT – Season Summary + Disputed Goal

Year Season Weekend Wednesday
2011 2 Summer Misha P. Alex Grt
2011 1 Spring Dr. Yurik N/A
2010 3 Fall Vladis Sh.
Ilya L.
2010 2 Summer Stas M. Erick
2010 1 Spring Arnaud Alex Grt
2009 3 Fall Dr. Yurik Boris R.
Vlad T.
Vadim L.
2009 2 Summer Ilya L.
Boris R.
2009 1 Spring Vadim L. Max

Summer season is over – Long live new Fall Season! Misha P. won the season with serious gap.

To the right is a brief review of previous 8 season winners:

Today, we started shortly before 09:30.

First goal of the season goes to Sasha L., who received a pass from Georgi.

First header of the season goes to Dr. Yurik, who succeeded after several very close calls.

After 2:2 we moved to a large field and WHITEs had 14 and DARKS 13 players.


We set a full-size goals and Alex B. took over the goal tending.

WHITEs established an early lead 4:2.

After that, both teams traded goals, and distance between teams remained one or two points.

Finally, at 10:43 Dean tripped, and apparently scratched the goalkeeper on the way down.  A young Arkasha T. promptly sent the ball into the net.

That was a hotly disputed goal, but goal was allowed after all.

To make the matters worse, Lyonya G. scored the final goal (10:58) to make the disputed goal a desicive factor in the  game.

Good interesting first game of the season, and we have fun 4 months of gaming ahead of us.

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