Game Results 2011-03-23 WED – Overrun by Snow? – Not!

A big mistake of weather people.  We only saw a few flakes around 19:30 on the parking lot, when it was all over.

We played from 18:07 to 19:26.  A very quick game.  But a perfect 4 on 4.  This time it was a lot of kids on the field, but a permit holder allowed us to play on the farther part of the filed.  Score, again.

WHITEs took an easy 3:0 lead by18:26.  Then, Georgi with a slightly broken thumb (from previous game) led his teammates forward.   By 18:50 the sc0re was (you would not believe) 3:7 for DARKs.  Georgi scored 4 of those.

It is getting dark now.  It is ten minutes to seven.  It is all over for WHITEs.  Plus Mr. Big Snow should start any minute.  What to do?  Just keep aim straight and keep shooting.  Next 5 goals were scored by all 4 members of WHITE team, and Marat did it twice.  I would love to hear his description of the second goal – what a rare feat!  By 19:08 it is 8:7 for WHITEs, and it is reasonably dim lighting from haven.

Georgi explodes with one more goal (8:8), and now Stas suggests that game should stop after two possessions.  DARKs keep the ball for a long while.  It seems endless.  WHITEs just can’t intercept.  It is shut after chilling shut. Finally their attack blocked, and it is one-on-one Alex Grt vs. Drago…  Very last efforts of the game – and a miss.  What a game, what a battle!  Game stops at 19:26 in a semi-darkness.

11 people played in 2 Wednesday games:

Nu Player Games Wins
Goals Goals
01 Lesha K. 1 2 5 5
02 Christof 2 2 5 2.5
03 Alex Grt 2 2 4 2
04 Lenia G. 2 2 0 0
05 Georgi 1 0 5 5
06 Drago 1 0 2 2
07 Alex B. 1 0 2 2
08 Kolya P. 1 -1 5 5
09 Alex F. 1 -1 2 2
10 Stas M. 2 -1 2 1
11 Marat 2 -1 2 1

In the darkness of a warm Wednesday New England night, after a super-charged hour and a half of fresh air:

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  1. OK, here you go. It was a Barcelona like tiki taka move with 1-2 touch passing combination between 3 people. I started and finished it in style with a one timer under the cross bar off a great cross goal mouth pass. Oh, and it wouldn’t be such a rare occasion if I got more passes like that when I’m open :) Zing. Peace out.

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