Game Results 2011-01-01 Garbage Below Warms Our Hearts

There is one spot on this dump called Skyline that is warm.  This spot is now snow-free, and it can accommodate a small 6-on-6 game.   So, what are we going to do with 20 people tomorrow?  Even with rain we will have plenty of people.  As Dr. Yurik said, if it is not pouring, we will be there.

A reminder for Matt, who scored 4 goals today.  If you have a large unused bag of 6-7″ zip-ties, bring them in to keep the goals in decent shape.  We are losing them fast.

Is it possible to dream up a better game, than today?    We got warm, sunny, green spot under the blue skies.  First game of a Spring 2011 Season.  We started at 10:57 5 on 4.  Stas M. joined DARKs at 11:11 and Eddie saved WHITEs at 12:07.  Game ended at 12:23 with a perfect 13:13.

When it was 7:4 for WHITEs, Lenia Ch. announced that DARKs will reach 10 first. And he was amazingly close to truth. Not only DARKs tie at 10:10, but they begin to lead.

A newest member of our group – Cüneyt [june eight] – scored a near record 7 goals today, and had many more opportunities and he was passing too.  WHITEs should have put move coverage to avoid future troubles.

Eddie entered, when the score was 10:12 for DARKs  and 10:13 soon after that. But one fresh “mind” at a time like this finally did turn the table, and we registered a first tie of the season – 13:13.

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