Last Game of the Season – Memories of 2010-12-31

Snow is completely gone on the far part of the green.

We had a very last game of the season with 6 people.

This game couldn’t be counted towards official statistics, but the score was 18:18 few minutes before the closing.

And what did you do on December 31, 2010?

Let’s celebrate our current and past season winners.  Wednesday and Weekend tournaments are counted separately.

Year Season Weekend Games Wednesday Games
2010 3 Fall Vladis Sh.
Ilya L.
2010 2 Summer Stas M. Erick
2010 1 Spring Arnaud Alex Grt
2009 3 Fall Dr. Yurik Boris R.
Vlad T.
Vadim L.
2009 2 Summer Ilya L.
Boris R.
2009 1 Spring Vadim L. Max
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