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    Udar Gromov

    Dear Political Leaders in Washington,

    We love America and wish it a fast recovery. If you find a spare moment, please provide some guidance:

    –01– Who are the essentials? Are food and water manufacturers are sill operating. Will we ran out of food in supermarkets soon? How about metal, and rubber, and energy? Are we still pumping oil and gas? Do we still produce planes, cars and trucks? Please explain to us – citizens, who are essential and what will be in short supply soon if we keep America closed?

    –02– How many people died in USA 2019 compared to deaths in 2020? Why we are so focused on COVID-19 deaths? We know that about 8,000 on average people died every day in 2019. How are we doing in 2020?  When media reports COVID-19 deaths at 1,234 per day – is it a lot or is it a normal flu rate at this time of the year? The COVID-19 death numbers by themselves is not significant unless we are comparing them with daily death of previous year. Please, help to clarify current death situations.

    –03–  What are our hospital occupancy rates for spring months of 2019 and 2020? Can you see a trend?  Is there a reason for worries? What is our hospital’s capacity?  Did number of hospitals grew or fell in 2020?

    –04– Please tell us if prolonged emergency power of Governors breaks great country into 50 small peaces? Does emergency power of a local Governors effectively suspend US federal constitution? Do we have presidents in US history when people were subjected to a will of local rulers to the detriment of federal power? Is there are any thoughts of how to deal with prolonged emergencies in the future?

    –05– Can you see local and federal election in November 2020 are canceled? Does emergency power of local rules extends on elections?

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