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    Karl Schmitd

    Very short:

    One way I found to force a new line into Excel custom format is to press Ctrl+J while typing the format. I will write later more to explain.

    This method has two major disadvantages:


    – Excel doesn’t recalculate the column width;

    – Only the first line of custom format string is visible while editing the format.

    Mr. Mangus

    On http://www.excelbanter.com I found a very clever suggestion on how to solve the column width problem.

    – Select the cells in question

    – Uncheck Wrap text

    – Check Shrink to fit

    – Check Wrap text once again

    This allows you to narrow the column to a perfect width

    Problem remains for Auto-Resizing rows:

    if you try to Auto-resize rows, your second line of your formatting will be hidden.

    Any suggestion how to fix that?

    Karl Schmitd

    One more trick to enter a multi-line format is to insert “Enter” character:

    “Hold down the Alt key while you press 0010 on the numeric keypad”


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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