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    How to display thousands and millions format?

    You have a column of numbers (say population or territory) and the numbers are large.

    You want to display 1300000 as 130.0, and 230600 as 230.6. How to do that?

    To display rounded thousands (230600 as 231) use ##, format.

    To display thousands with one decimal (230600 as 230.6) use ##.0, format.

    To display millions with one decimal (230600 as 0.2) use ##.0,, format.

    How to display hours over 24 or minutes over 60?

    You a measuring duration of activities, and you want to display those durations in minutes or in hours. Obviously minutes could go over 60 and hours could go over 24. Ho to display duration of 600 minutes?

    To display duration of an activity in minutes over 60 minutes use [m] format

    To display duration of an activity in hours over 24 hours use [h] format.

    But can you display this with one decimal point? You can, but you need to use a formula:

    =HOUR(B7-A7) + MINUTE(B7-A7)/60 and use normal numerical format.

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