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As far as I can understand your poor English, I am having the same problem with point number 2. It is very confusing to be redirected back to Register page immediately after successful login.

I even know (i guess I know) what you did in wp-login.php:

if ( isset( $_REQUEST['redirect_to'] ) ) {
$redirect_to = $_REQUEST['redirect_to'];
// Redirect to https if user wants ssl
if ( $secure_cookie && false !== strpos($redirect_to, 'wp-admin') )
$redirect_to = preg_replace('|^http://|', '^https://', $redirect_to);
} else {
// ******You probably messed up HERE **********
// $redirect_to = admin_url();
$redirect_to = $_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]; }

Also, I you going to fix IE7 problems?