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Udar Gromov

OK. Reading this 2 months later I would like to extent the argumentation.

One possibility – body alone. The body is alone in it fight for survival. Human body is a complex organism that developed various specialized organs to better survival changes. One of these specialized organs is brain that has an ability to memorize events, evaluate possible outcomes and make decisions. Brain is a body organ that acts (as any other body organ) to assist body to survive, to proliferate and to pass information to next generations. As a body organ, brain dies along with the body, but brain is complex enough to invent stories about its immortality.

Second possibility – body and mind. For analytical convenience, we regard body and mind as two competing entities with different, even conflicting goals.  Body goal is to pass its genes to next generations.  Body organ brain develops mind that acquires goals of its own. Mind seeks entertainment and happiness.  Example 1. Body drive is to have plentiful offspring. Mind seeks pleasure and finds way to have sex without having kids.  Body wants security and staying safe and fed.  Mind wants to explorer and is looking for thrills of travel (discovery), sports (showmanship) and glory (recognition of other minds).

Third option – body, mind and a Control Center. Body develops a brain.  Brain develops a mind. Body and mind are in conflict.  There is a need for a Control Center that intercedes between body and mind, and often overwrites both for better survival chances.  Example 2. Body seeks to hide away from dangerous fight.  Mind is afraid of unfair fight.  By Control Center overrides both body and mind instincts and make you go and fight a war to be able to survive as a group. Control Center makes you to wake up and go to work, abstain from mischievous murder and fornication, and even go against the group when something called “bigger truth” is involved.

All three possibility seem viable.  Body definitely is there as it can exist without the other two.  However,  isolating a body, a mind and a Control Center could be a stepping stones to further understand  human behavior that sometimes seem paradoxical.