MySQL Upgrade on Windows – Easy and Painlessly

How to update MySQL Server on Windows Machine


Preliminary notes:

These steps work for MySQL Server that is running as a service on Windows machine.

These steps were tested, when MySQL data directory is located on a different drive from MySQL  installation directory.


Determine your current MySQL version.  Run MySQL command shell:

..\YourMySQLFolder\bin\mysql.exe -u root


You should see something like this:

Server version: 5.5.8 MySQL Community Server (GPL)


Rename MySQL installation directory


Download a *.zip file from Oracle (not *.msi).   GA stands for “Generally Available”.   Select x32 or x64 package from:


Stop MySQL Service


Create empty MySQL install directory and unzip content of ZIP file into new MySQL directory


Restore (copy) your old my.ini file


Re-start MySQL Service


Determine your current MySQL version one more time:

Server version: 5.5.14 MySQL Community Server (GPL)


MySQL upgrade is now completed.

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