01 Game Results – 2015-09-12 SAT – Boris M. challenge – First win


Game Overview

 Couple of weeks ago Boris M. announced that if he to pickup a team, he would win in 90% of the games.  And today he was the one to pick a team, and his team magnificently won.  Wow! Let’s monitor how this will evolve in our new 2015 Fall season.

 Boris M. picked for WHITEs       Lyonya G. picked for DARKs
     First game of the Fall 2015 Season    

 Late arrivals for WHITEs: Dr. Yurik, Valera, Ilya B.


 Late arrivals for DARKs: Max, Andres, Ronald


 Our three seasons each year:
 – from  January to April (Spring); 
 – from May till August (Summer);
        and finally from
 – September till December (Fall).

 All three late arrivals scored one goal for the team      

 Only Andres and Ronald scored one goal each for late arrivals



Game Timeline

Boris M 2015-09-12 SAT Warren09:38 – 0:0 – Start on our favorite field (next to tennis courts) and on our favorite goals 
09:52 – 1:0 – Ilya B. – first goal of the season – GK let the ball roll into the net
10:22  – 2:0 – Pinball in front of the goals, and Dr. Yurik scores first header in the season
10:27  – 3:0 – A minute ago Dr. Yurik did not let the ball go and saved the opposite team from a goal.  This time Dr. Yurik let the ball go, and Vova M. scored his first goal of the season
10:33 – 4:0 – Ilya B. supplies a soft pass and Valera scores a goal from close distance
10:42 – 5:0 – Zia hits Vladis Sh., and ball goes into the net after double deflection 
10:45 – 6:0 – Boris M. – good shot into the post and into the net without touching the ground!
10:47 – 6:1 – Yura A. to Ruslan and Ronald – and . . . score!
10:55 – 6:2 – Ezio scores a header on Dr. Yurik after a serve from Vladis Sh.
11:14 – 6:3 – Andres scores 
11:16 – 7:3 – Zia scores an acrobatic goal with his back to the goals – pass from Dr. Yurik 
11:20  – 8:3 – Misha P. – Vova M. was there in the corner to help if needed
11:22 – 8:4 – Ezio – strong shot from a short distance – Vlad T. almost stopped the ball
11:28 – 9:4 – Misha intercepted, gave pass to Vova M.   Alex the Grt received a pass from Vova M. and sent a powerful shut into the net guarder by Ronald

 01 Game 2015-09-12 SA


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