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There is a new APP for iPhone and Android.  You take pictures and they float to a server to be seen by people in your WAVE.  Each time you open Echowaves, you prompted to upload your latest photos.   Instantly these photos can be seen by you and by people who share your  wave.  You can send invitations to join from phone to phone, without email.  No information is collected about you – you only need user name and password.

If someone in your circle does not have a smart phone, your pictures can be see using a web browser.  This is good if you want someone like your parents to see their kids and grand-kids.  But who doesn’t have a smart phone nowadays?

When viewing pictures appear in the order they been uploaded, but each picture has a visible date and time stamp, so you can when your friends actually took these pictures.  And there is a notification feature.  If someone in your wave uploaded new picture you can be notified on your phone, or you can turn off this feature.

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This application is perfect to keep in touch without annoying texts or phone calls.  People can see what you up to, that you are still ALIVE, without bothering you with weather and “how do you do” conversations.

When uploading pictures, you have an option to skip the most racy or personal pictures, so only “designated” pictures float for sharing.  You can delete your pictures once uploaded, and you can copy pictures in your wave to your phone.  This work especially well when several groups of people are on different vacations at the same time.  There is precious little time for food and for sleep, but you still can review what other friends are doing.

So far this service is free, and you can see last 100 uploaded pictures multiplied by number of people in your Wave.  I heard about plans to extend the viewing capabilities with paid subscription.

One last point is on an upload procedure.  The image upload requires you to open Ecowaves APP.  This was done to give you more control of what goes online, and to allow you to upload on a free Wi-Fi connections several times a day, instead of real-time.   What if you are on an expensive roaming data plan, and when you are traveling, you often are.

Here is a link, if you are willing to try:

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