Privilege and American guilt vs. immigrant achievement and pride

It is amazing, but group guilt in Americans are not an academic contract, but a real thing that exists and being cultivated.

This discovery prompted a thought that the different people call the same thing different names and evoke polar feelings.  For people who burdened with a sense of collective guilt all American achievements are just another expressions of privilege and  deems to be destroyed, abolished and prohibited. On the other hand, exactly the same achievements of America for immigrants are source of constant pride and sense of personal achievement.

Please look at a diagram below. Does it help to understand what is behind a  deep split in America society?

The most amazing thing is that we lived with exactly the same sentiment in USSR.  Bolsheviks inspired some intellectuals and masses with a romantic idea of redistribution from HAVEs to HAVE-nots.  Experiment lasted from 1917 to 1991.  Tens of millions of people were killed.  Finally, country had to turn back to private property when all the riches were lost to apathy and indifference. Russia slumbered 70 years in dreams of fair redistribution, to the detriment of creativity and growth.

And now, all these dreaming is sweeping across the richest country in the world.

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