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    Udar Gromov

    Nemo Men’s Disco 15 Degree Sleeping Bag 811666030924 Torch/Stormy Night Long
    Actual weight 3.6 lb.
    $239,89 + $14.99 = $254.88 in MA
    I will be comparing it with The North Face Cat’s Meow 20F

    – pocket for pillow (can use any piece of clothing
    – pocket for accessories – iPhone fits
    – thermos vents to regulate temperature
    – no stuck zipper
    – water repellent dawn

    Test plan:
    4-5 nights on NH/ME border at Mahoosuc Traverse
    Low night temperature +10 – +12°C
    No pillow

    Test results (2022-05-31 TUE):
    The bag really did not like to be in the compression bag
    Take it out as early as possible on every stop. The more time you give it to air, the warmer it becomes.
    The bag is great on war nights when you can use ventilation shafts.
    Of a cold night (+6°C) you still would experience some discomfort, but face flap helps to keep your warms.
    Packing bag back into the bag is an effort, but space saved is a big plus.

    If you open the zipper all the way to way to the bottom it will disengage, and it is difficult to connect it back together in the dark.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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