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    Each I save an image for Web (Fie – Save for Web), all the file name get truncated and all the spaces are replaced with dashes (-). For example image name “High Quality – Measure Accuracy 9002.jpg” will be saved as an ugly “High-Quality—Measure-Accu.jpg”.

    To fix this permanently, use these two steps below:

    First: – Create a config file
    Open any image and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S for Safe for Web
    Click button Output settings
    Navigate with Next button to Saving Files tab
    Click Save and save a new config file “Output Settings.iros”.

    Second: – Create Default Settings config file
    Notice where you just saved the file and open that location with Windows Explorer.
    For example Photoshop 6 running on Windows 7 and 8 will save config files into a very obscure directory:
    %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\YOUR_PROGRAM_FILES_DIRECTORY\Adobe\Photoshop 6.0\Presets\Optimized Output Settings\
    Rename the file that you just created in previous step from “Output Settings.iros” to “Default Settings.iros”. That is it. You are done. Next time you will save images for Web their names will no longerbe mutilated.


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