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    Udar Gromov

    On June 19, 2020 I became a member of Chess.com.  An old friend finally convinced me  to join.  It is free.  You can play with friends, relatives, other Chess.com members that you do not know and of course with a super-brainy computer.  You can take up to 3 days to make a move. This one fact helped me overcome my resistance. 

    Your games with other people are recorded into history and you can analyze them,  download them, learn from them.

    One very convenient and exciting feature that I found was the Game Report.  After completing the game you can run all the game moves through an analyzer, and see blunders, missed wins and near perfect moves that improved your chances.  That one feature, I think, allows to improve your skills more than anything else, because you are learning not from obscure lessons, but from you own mistakes.

    How many players playing chess at any given time? You can see the answer right on the home screen – 84,465 players playing. 28,395 games. So there is never dull moment. And you can play as many games as you want.  For example, I saw player Misha2310 was playing 30 games at one time.  Or you can give give yourself a breather for a few days, but then, action draws you in again.

    When you are playing with another human player, you know at the very minimum these thing about your opponent:
    – player user name (for example Untitled_guy)
     — country (for example Chile);
     — rating (more about rating later);
     — all player’s completed games;
     — all player’s games in progress.

    That information if very helpful.  You can adjust you own style of playing

    What about rating.  When just starting you are given a rating of 1100 and it will go up or down depending on your progress. This is a real chess rating and the best players in the world have rating above 2500 -2700 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_rating_system).

    When you want to play with a random player, you can create a challenge with a desired ratings range.  For example if you have a rating of 1555, you can specify that you want to play with players with plus on minus 75  points of you rating.  That insures that the game will be on more or less equal level and be interesting and engaging.

    Overall, the main attraction of the Chess.com is that it is all in one chess community room with a worldwide reach.  Do you have a spare moment? Connect and play.  Chess battle is waiting. If anything, I experience the other side of the coin.  Games are so engaging that I would forget to enjoy the walk, or conversation, or a scheduled  chore. Not a problem. If you discipline your self to pase your moves, you game will only improve.


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