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    Udar Gromov

    USA Democrats want to take away our guns away.
    USA Republicans want to take away our abortions.
    Both Democrats and Republicans would take everything form irresponsible us, and both has no interest in giving us anything back.
    Strangely, Turkey Erdoğan stays under the radar – it means that he will surface soon with a new initiative. So far, he helped with grain deal, prisoners exchange and accepting Sweden into NATO.
    Ukrainian Zelenskyy keeps coordinating the working of the whole Government under a duress of war. So fat Ukrainians remain very highly spirited despite the 8 months of war.
    Ukrainian army keeps the pace at the fronts. This week Liman was liberated. Next week – the whole Kherson region might be cleared.
    Russian Putin keeps signing various papers, but world stopped noticing. Reality moved to the battlefields, and it appears nothing important is happening in Kremlin.
    Russian mobilization moved a lot of Russians from their homes. Some moved closer to front line, some moved as far as possible with current flight situation.
    USA market hit a low mark on Friday, September 30, and now showing a 2-day recovery.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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