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    Udar Gromov

    Summary:  long 3H preparation and departing on the bike toward car only after 9AM.  Swim along route 4, take hidden Old River Rd. and try water rope swing by the side of the road.  Tough climb with a bike and then without the bike to finally reach the car at 14:41.

    Wake up around 6AM. Birds are singing. Let me get out there for mosquitoes’ mercy.

    Slow 3H gathering things together with cold breakfast. Very few things left to eat. That is a good planning. Still remains 1 bar, 3 apples, 1 coconut water.

    Biking sector 1 – 09:17- 10:30 = 1:12 13.23 mi (11.3 mph) – from Thundering Falls camp to a rest by the river in Woodstock, VT.

    09:17 -start riding the bike with lighter backpack attached.

    10:54 – 13 miles completed – 17 to go. First rest by the river.  All this time I was doing an incredible 11.3 MPH as road all this time was down and down, and down.

    11:20 preparing to depart.  I would like to find a road parallel to busy route 4, so that I can bike away from all that Sunday traffic.

    Biking sector 2 – 11:35- 12:42 = 1:08 9.6 mi (9.6 mph) – from Playground by the river to Gravel Ledge Rd.

    I did find a quite road that goes parallel to the route 4.  I think it is now called Old River Rd.  It was a wonderful stretch – low on cars and full of bicyclists.

    12:39 I stopped because I saw over-the-water rope tree swing. On a narrow road wedged between the river and the hill slope a group of local parents and kids were enjoying jumping into the water from a high bank.  Nice.  And I tried twice with various degrees of success.


    Biking sector 3 – 13:04- 14:07 = 1:03 5.7 mi (5.9 mph) – from Old River Rd. to the beginning of Joe Ranger Rd.


    Walking sector 4 – 14:07- 14:41 = 0:37 1.65 mi (2.8 mph) – from beginning of Joe Ranger Rd. to the car.

     14:06 – 1.5 mi remains. I am on Joe Ranger Rd.  I am dropping my bike here in the bushes and I will walk the last section.

    14:40 – while talking to Dmitry Amelchenko on the phone about unfair election in Belarus today, I have reached my car, and everything is normal – no scratches from heavy trucks with lumber.  All is good.

    15:00 sitting in the car. Backpack unloaded. Bike is attached to the back. There are 138 miles to reach home. Odometer show 207.8.

    No traffic or stoppage on route 89, 93, 3 and 128.  Looks like people are still under COVID spell.  That is one benefit of this crazy neurosis – no traffic.

    17:16 – odometer 347.9 – +32.5°C – arrived home just in time for dinner.  Here in Boston it is hot today.

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