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    Udar Gromov

    07:45 late wake up in Leeman Brook Lean-to.  It is quiet in the woods this morning except for students. Today I will go 7.4 to the next shelter on rather flat terrain.  During night, I did not get out of the hammock a single time.

    09:49 and 10:02 start crossing forest roads in passable condition.  Map shows dozens of ponds and lakes around, but you see bodies of water just occasionally. I bypassed my students near North Pond about an hour into the journey.

    10:18 a picture of a non-venomous Common Ribbon Snake.

    11:09 – cross Haul Road and reached Little Wilson Falls.  Canadian students already here.  American student will stumble in when I was about to leave. Here I would descend carefully into the deep gorge and take a plunge in murky waters.  Gorge is deep enough so that no one can see me. I can do a skinny dipping.  Meanwhile, my clothes are drying on the wind at the top.

    Mottoes of the day would be “Choose non-action” and “Do everything with pleasure”.

    Cowboy hat from Quebec can be used when there is no strenuous activity involved.   For example, it is good to sit on the sun and write field notes.  But for hiking it is too heavy and too hot.

    12:58 – 13:22 Just finished an unusual section on the trail – I was on a dirt road along a small pond that is not even on the map.  Wide open space.  AT would make a sharp turn sideways, but road to continue with a flurry of markers to various ponds and lakes. Trail begins to climb up revealing the surrounding beauties. Here I used a small sharp stick as a needle to repair retaining clasp on the hat.

    14:01 discovered a new feature of the backpack – I can regulate the height of the strap that connects main straps of the backpack.  At first, I thought that connecting strap broke, but no, it just jumped out of position. 

    I can hear remote thunder somewhere at a distance.  Something is brewing in the upper spheres.

    14:31 There is a signal here.  I am sending text to Lira and even reply to a question from work

    15:15 – 15:34 another swim in a river.  I am very close to the camp.

    15:50 Big Wilson Stream – river crossing with a rope stretched overhead. Easy simple crossing, and my sandals shine again.

    16:03 cross active railroad tracks in excellent conditions.

    16:20 I am at the hut – Wilson Valley Lean-to.  The sing shows 8.7 till next shelter for tomorrow.

    Slow wonderful hour at the camp. I am alone, but these is some trail traffic.

    18:45 rain that was brewing all afternoon finally started.  I am securely wrapped in my blankets and under the shelter’s roof.

    19:06 Finally, the 17-crew young team can be heard in a distance. They are 3 hours behind me.  They were stopping at every watering hole.

    19:56 All students are in their tents.  No one risked sleeping with “a stranger” in the shelter despite the rain.  The fire is going, thunder is rumbling, rain is playing on the roof, bugs are taking a break though.

    Tomorrow first shelter in 4.5 miles and then climb to Barren Mountain (2,670′).  According to calculations and trail sings I am already 10.4 miles away from the highway.

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