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    Udar Gromov

    0948 take a train at Dover Priory Station
    1059 we are back in London – St Pancras International Station

    * * * our check-in is in a few hours – we do not need to hurry * * *
    In Britain, exits are marked as “Way Out”

    1113 we take a deviation into a colorfully-lit underground connector – something good should be there
    1129 we found our-self emerging at Two Pancras Square – Nike store. Should we eat already? Such a freedom of choice and action – wonderful.
    1147 we discover a wonderful Granary Square with 800 fountain jets and luscious public seating by the Regent’s Canal. And a large TV screen broadcast Wimbledon Tennis matches
    1236 time to dive back into tube
    1239 we need to top off our Oyster cards. Under pressure from an attendant that manages the line and facilitates machine sales I try to guess my credit card pin and .. have to make the purchase with cash

    * * * when we arrive to the hotel, credit card is locked and it takes about an hour to talk to my bank and unlock it. Among other things, they say that may card already have a pin and how can I see it on the web site.

    1526 checked-in (£446 for 4 nights) and ready to go
    1600 food at Greek restaurant
    1743 messages to Diana on her B/D on the gates on Kensington Palace
    1800 very prestigious London location
    1850 Partriges – Royal supplier
    1922 Estonian Embassy
    1943 Winston Chirchill residence
    1952 Kensengton Gardens
    1958 Royal Albet Hall
    2000 Alber’s Memorial
    2038 Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Vistoria and Albert Museum, Imperial College on Exhibition Road

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