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    Udar Gromov

    0839 start preparing for check out – it was great – last 5 nights
    Bus to Victoria station – train tickets today £27 (90 minutes), bus tickets = £15 (120 minutes)
    1148 nice walk from train to bus station
    1312 out bus approaching Canterbury on route A2
    Using Booking.com make a reservation in a Kipps Backpacker Hostel
    1336 arrive to Canterbury. Learn for tomorrow that bus to Dover departs 3 times each hour (£5.70)
    Bought cherries and grapes from a street vendor
    1556 walk to Kipps Hostel (40 Nunnery Fields) and quickly check-in.
    All talk centered around today’s footbal game England – Columbia
    1703 Hostel has an inner yard with garden and tables – what a relaxing place!
    1734 walk in the City – Canterbury Tales
    1740 entrance to Cathedral is open – normally £12
    We found an elevator to enter the main floor where the service is held
    1829 Lira takes departing pictures of the interior and place where Becket was killed
    It is getting colder – we can sit in the Cathedral park, but only on direct sun
    1907 nearby St. Augustine Abbey is a private property and it is closed for public
    Return to hostel and put on more layers.
    The city is empty – everyone is watching the game
    2009 super vegan tacos at super vegan restaurant – “Kitch” (£26.45 = $34.99 – 4 St Peter’s St) – best tacos we ever had
    2043 sunset pictures on the main street
    While we are in supermarket, Columbia ties and now it is 30 more minutes of overtime
    Watch last 10 minutes and penalties – England wins and everyone rejoice
    Tea with crossroads, and chocolate in the breakfast room
    Lira chooses to sleep on upper bank

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