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    Udar Gromov

    06:00 wake up unexpectedly early. Rain is still going. Start a small fire right under the shelter roof. Smoke will bring everyone out of their sleeping bags to the warmth of the fire.
    07:40 the fellow travelers Brian and James are both roused but my small fire under the shelter roof. The sleep was eluding me this night. I had to do 2 adjustments to the hammock so that I do not feel the gap between hard floor and a great void where shelter floor is ending. Plus, couple wake ups for the small business. And the night was not very cold for a change. So, I had to remove almost all layers first, and then put some back on in the middle of the night.
    09:00 – 10:20 another round of sleep in the shelter with a smoke from the fire. After about an hour of stillness I raised up, listened to the rain and decided to start the hike.
    11:00 – depart toward Nahmakanta Lake in my yellow poncho. Backpack is also covered. Almost immediately the wooden stick broke when I fell on a slippery root. Now I am with one walking stick. There is no rain, but water is still falling from the trees.
    11:10 – crossing very unmarked Trio-Access private road. Owners do not want you to know about this road.
    11:21 -There was a clearing with potential Katahdin view. Cell signal appeared. The weather will be OK till 6PM – no rain. +13-14°C. It means that I have picked the right time to hike just in between the rains! Made my Spanish lesson. Notified Lira. I can be back at the car today.
    All in anticipation of potential may be existing Tumbledown Dick trail
    12:12 – crossing no name road. Looking at the map on Google, I could have used that road to shortcut to Tumbledown Dick Trail.
    13:09 – passing Nahmakanta Stream Lean-To. This could be a new shelter because on many maps this spot still marked as a campsite. The remarkable thing is that trail goes along the stream, and it is an easy even pleasant section of AT. How many of these? At this point I already cut myself a new perfect walking stick. That stick I will carry all the way to the car and even drive it home.
    14:04 – finally I have reached the side trailhead. It does exist. It will lead me back to the road. So far completed 6.3 mi of hiking. Finished my apple. I am trying to save myself from the insects.
    Despite very nice and new wooden signs, the trail itself is little loved and little traveled – as expected for a side show. What is unusual – it seemed artificially blocked by branches and tree trunks. The trail is overgrown. Absolutely no cell signal. This is a true impersonation of a wild trail.
    14:55 – crossing the road and crossing the brook over the bridge. I think I was on this road today at 12:12
    Next section leading to and around Tumbledown Dick Pond I very grim and unloved.
    16:07- crossing a good road unmarked on any map. This road is so new, I do not see it even on Google satellite view.
    16:38 – Jo Mary Road. Rain has started. Now, I have a little bit over 4.5 mi left to go to the car.
    17:00 – unmanned checkpoint. I went through uneventful.
    17:39 – mile 13 mark on the road. I am moving at a 3.6 mi per hour pace.
    18:01 – I am at the car! The complex travel plan is complete. Over 50 mi of hiking is completed. About 40 of them are on AT itself.
    18:58 – drive to KIW checkpoint. Picked up my bike. Magically the Nikon camera slipped on the car roof but did not fall on the ground. Magic! They did not take my $10 tip for putting my bike in a shade. They felt guilty that owners do not allow bike on the property. Thank you, Ian!
    20:30 – gas stop on route 95 in Bangor, Maine. No masks. We are free again!
    June 01, Tue – 00:10AM – arrive home after an uneventful drive. Odometer shows 642.8 mi. Today I drove 335.5 mi.

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