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    Udar Gromov

    06:41 It was raining overnight, but now it is good and everything is waking up. New morning routine – washing. I picked a 80 oz. water bladder from the shelter – very convenient to wash face and hands as the bladder can be hanged high to ensure flow of the water.
    07:40 – pictures around the privy
    08:00 start the hike
    08:14 cross under high voltage electric lines and a dirt road
    08:40 picked a second wooden walking stick and it will stick with me.
    09:00 – 09:40 first stop after only 1.6 miles. It will be hard to complete 13-mile hike today. Cut the nails. Cover exposed parts with bus spray.
    09:54 cross another set of power lines
    10:19 – 10:37 beaver pond with a dam made from sticks. This dumb defies gravity and holds water despite looking completely flaky. One hiker passes by. Another orange consumed. Sun is now gone, and wind is raising.
    11:06 – cell signal came through. It seems I have got a work-related request late last night, but seem they managed without me.
    11:36 – only now (and not at 9:15) I am passing Consultation Peak
    12:18 -sat down under a tree and sent a message to our soccer group that despite common belief, the average age of people who died from COVID-19 is 82 years old. Received a scuff remarks in reply.
    12:36 crossing some used forest road in a very bad shape with huge and deep mud puddles.
    13:10 – 13:25 things are starting to look up. A nice relaxing swim in the river. Much needed.
    13:41 – 14:29 – 8.3 miles completed – a middle shelter reached – Congdon Shelter. Nice shelter with banks and table in the middle.
    14:29 a dreaded call comes through – my nephew’s two-years old daughter has just died in Moscow hospital from complications from Kawasaki syndrome – a devastating and incomprehensible news.
    15:25 – 15:42 – a question from Andrew about my availability. I am offering to reach the next big road in 2 hours and hitch hike back to the car. He replies that it is OK. Enjoy yourself.
    15:55 total unremarkable Harmon Hill, but it has distances to Springer Mountain in Georgia (1,563) and to Katahdin in Maine (557). Interesting.
    16:55 – reach a super big and wide route 9. Now I need to climb back about 1000 feet, and it will be shelter 1.4 miles away. This should be a last leg of a 13.7-miles hike today.
    18:16 – I have done it! There is a small brook, falling apart picnic table and one tent about 50 yards away. Today I will sleep in a hammock as this shelter appears to be closed for the virus.

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