So Many Questions about WordPress

Today June 25, 2010 at 13:40 I made this site to open up under Windows XP and IIS 5.1 server.

 This PHP-based site is available for easy install directly from Microsoft.  I wonder what their interest is.  People do not even need Windows Server to run this software.  People do not need SQL Server to run this software.  People do not need Visual Studio to modify and maintain this software.  So, what is their interest?

– I am new to PHP, but not PHP knowledge is required
– What kind of editor do I get?  Does it support rich text formatting? – Yes
– Can I insert pictures into articles? – Yes
– Does it have a spell checker?  – Yes! – WOW!
– Does it support multiple languages? – Yes!

Web Admin Questions:

– How to change featured image?
– What makes an image – a featured image?

+- How to transfer this site from XP to Server? – Install WordPress, copy D/B
+- How to backup MySQL database? – Stop the service and copy D/B Data Directory
+-Where the D/B file is located? – See MySQL posts
+- [Russian] Пробуем писать по-русски… – Works!
+- Can I clean old versions of posts? – Yes!

What other cool feature I’ve learned so far?  [22:27]- Full screen editing

– Multi-role environment
– Many plug-ins for administration and monitoring
– Full-body text search (2010-06-30 WE)

One more important feature of WordPress is scheduling (2010-09-23 TH)
If you set/change article published date to a future date, article will disappear from the total article count and will re-appear only upon specified date and time.  This is an important feature for updating site content, while you are out.

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