Perihelion and Solstice are not related – Wow!


I just realized that Perihelion and Solstice has NOTHING to do with each other.

Earth Perihelion is when Earth is closest to the sun.  For example this time it falls on January 2, 2016.  That does NOT affect season change on planet Earth and this date moves forward rather quickly (1 calendar day every 60 years) through our human centuries.

Being closest to the Sun doesn’t specifically affect the season in Northern hemisphere for two reasons:

First – the difference between closest and furthest distances from the Sun is only 3.4%.  Imagine being able to see an object from 91.4 yards other than from 94.5 yards.

Second – the entire planet (both hemispheres) is being closer to the Sun, so that any miniscule temperature change due to closeness to the Sun will affect entire planet.

Winter Solstice is when Southern Hemisphere tilted most toward the sun.

Next I will try to draw a picture, to nail down the explanation, why latest sunrise in early December (Dec 8-9) and the earliest sunsets are in early January (Jan 3-4).  I am finding several articles, but they do not show, they just repeat the same story that sun day is different from clock day.

Can anyone mention the site where this is actually shown?

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