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    Udar Gromov

    We see and hear meaningless scenes of brutal COVID lockdown in China’s largest city – Shanghai. It just doesn’t’ make any sense. COVID is well behind us. Population of China is 90% vaccinated. And COVID cases in China are so low that they are ridiculous. With *zero COVID deaths in China – all these measure are completely tyrannical.

    So, what is going on? Why China Government is doing this senseless lockdown. May be they just trying to aggravate people on purpose? To determine and isolate potential trouble makers?

    What is population of Shanghai on lockdown – 26 million people! And what is population on Taiwan? – 23.57 million people. It is quite likely that harsh population lockdown in Shanghai is just a training for 100,000 riot police force on how to keep citizens of Taiwan under a strict control after Chinese military would do their piece.

    These riot police “volunteers” in a white overalls and oversized white helmets look outlandish. They look like some kind of cosmonauts in their space suits. People can’t see their faces, can’t see their emotions. This training in Shanghai is a desensitizing training – only most ruthless will pass the test and will be used outside the country. If you look lockdown videos – these whitesnows look a bit disorganized and and even a bit lost. They do not act as a single unit yet. They do need a training. And if they can trained to be ruthless to their own people, they most likely be even more brutal to Taiwanese civilians when the time comes. And distance between the training and deployment can’t be separated in time by more that a few weeks. So, expect invasion in the beginning of May 2022 under the clout of Russian invasion to Ukraine.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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