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    Udar Gromov

    When it is OK not to submit to the will of active majority? Active majority pushes to solve their problems, but everyone should pay.

    Examples are when everyone has pays for schools, for roads, for the army and often for pensions and medicine.  Is there a limit when a taxpayer can draw a line and refuse to a common cause levy increase?

    In an absence of such line, there is an election mechanism that pushes to the forefront either left or right forces.  Lefts are on the side of higher taxes or paper money emissions to pay for common problems.  Rights are on the side of a taxpayers in attempts to limit to extend of financing for solving common problems.

    Lefts generally on the side of stronger Government with higher concentration of resources and higher taxes on individual incomes.

    Rights are generally on the side of lowering taxes to reduce the penetration of addressing community tasks into personal lives.

    Each country brings its historic and cultural specifics to the positions of Lefts and Rights. That sometimes confuses the narrative. For example, in the US, Lefts are associated with supporting minorities and abortions, while Rights are know to advocate bigger and stronger Army, and more inline with religious values and traditional family values.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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