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    Karl Schmitd

    America is arming as for the end of democracy
    Initial call for action – riots and lawlessness in June 2020
    Safety course and the certificate ($75)
    Paperwork with your local police ($100)
    License finally arrived (LTC)
    Massachusetts limitations on gun models and magazine capacity
    Gun search all over US ($350)
    Ruger fun club
    Ruger stock – RGR
    Ship to your local FFL and pay transfer fee ($50 + shipping)
    “Instant” FBI background check at the counter and more waiting
    Ammo shortage and pricing ($18-$32)
    Holster search ($60)
    Draw positions and carry comfort/discomfort
    An extra special gun takes in your . . . small back
    Shopping for a gun club membership to practice ($250 – $1000)
    Gun cleaning and supplies ($20)
    New words and terminology (draw, gun, pistol, barrel, lips of a magazine, bore snake, IWB, OWB, FFL, CCW)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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