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    Karl Schmitd

    In this example I needed to copy 500 photos from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5S. I couldn’t find a simple copy-and-paste solution, so this process is actually a two-step procedure. This example uses a PC as a intermediate storage location.

    First, I used Photo Import Wizard to copy all my Photos from iPhone 4S to a PC hard drive. I used this Wizard feature to break all images into directories – one directory for each date the picture was taken.

    Second step I did in iTunes. I connected iPhone 5S and opened Photos tab in iTunes. I picked newly created directory on my hard drive to synchronize with the iPhone.

    Frustrating thing is that all Apple help only allow to restore the entire phone. Unfortunately, you cannot use your iCloud or iTunes backup to restore only elements that you need to restore. And that makes entire back so much less useful.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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