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    Udar Gromov

    07:05 – wake up

    Started a morning conversation with Breinden about good first gun to own.  He suggested Ruger SR9 or SR9e (economical).  They have 17-round magazines and they are legal in MA. Later it turned out that yes they are legal in MA, but only with 10-round magazines.  To shop for ammo, he suggested at AmmoSeek (https://ammoseek.com/ammo/9mm-luger) where many dealers list their ammo like on action. Will they ship to MA?  Then he suggested to recommend me to his shooting range in Londonderry, NH, where there is $150 membership fee for one year, and you can come with you own key at any time.

    Another suggestion was to use GutHook APP that you can buy in sections and it has all kinds of tips and suggestions about camp spots and water conditions and detours and closures ($59.99 full guide or 9  sections $8.99 each).


    Hiking sector 1 – 08:50 – 09:19 = 00:29 0.98 mi (2.1 mph) – from Velvet

    Rocks Shelter to dumping spot. Shed all the warm clothes. Eat an apple. Relax in calmness and silence. I can see as my both companions eventually overtake me. I will never see them again.


    Hike is mostly uneventful. I have absolutely no need to hurry.


    Hiking sector 2– 10:02 – 11:10 = 01:08 2.32 mi (2.1 mph) – from dumping ground to Trescott Rd. 


    Weather is amazing and scenery rapidly changing. Forest goes into open fields, bogs with boardwalks, some interesting tabletop rock formations, a sign for Greensboro Ridge Natural Area.

    11:32 I stand around a large stone at the corner of unnamed empty parking lot and I am playing vital chess moves.  We are on move 45 now, and I am thinking about catching his knight. Sparks are flying.

    Also, I have my regular cold kasha breakfast.

    12:17 the game is over – I won by resignation.  Right here on this big rock.  We were playing for 11 days since 08-26.  My chess rating went up to 1480. Amazingly nice clean satisfying feeling.  The joy of victory far outweighs the agony of defeat. A bright mark for the whole day.  Am mish2310 immediately sends 2 invitations for 2 new games.  But no. I must take a pause to busk in the light of glory.


    Hiking sector 3– 12:32 – 14:07 = 01:35 3.78 mi (2.4 mph) – from big winning boulder at Trescott Rd. to Three Mile Rd.

    13:05 I am crossing another road – Hanover Center Rd. The river here is completely dry. What a dry summer!


    14:04 – I emerge on Three Mile Rd.  Hiking portion of the trip is now complete.  Should I stay here till tomorrow, or should I start riding my bike?

    Hiking summary – 08:50- 14:07 = 05:17 7.11 mi (2.2 mph)

    14:13 – found my hidden bike – nice and safe.  Not a second thought about staying another night.  All thought about riding the bike back to the car and then driving home.

    14:35 – backpack is loaded and mounted on the bike – I am ready to go.

    Progress is great.  My speed is sometimes up to 12-15 mph.

    ~15:15~ I am crossing Connecticut river back into Vermont.

    15:44 – one single stop after 13 miles completed – 9.7 mi to go. A black girl on a bus stop asked me for a cigarette!  What century is this? According to Google – it should take only 1h 7 min to arrive at 16:56. Right now I am at the lowest point of the drive, and next 10 mi will be mostly up.

    I am crossing the White River over a bridge – VA Cutoff Rd, White River Junction, VT 05001.  My path now goes on a quiet Old River Rd.

    Biking summary – 14:35 – 17:53 = 3:20 23.16 mi (7.4 mph)

    17:12 – the first sight of a turn to Joe Ranger Rd.  I will drop the bike here and continue uphill by foot.


    17:51 – first site of the car

    18:09 – I am at the bottom of Joe Ranger Rd. Bike is attached to the car – ready to go – ODO 156.5 +16.5°C

    20:15 – I arrived home after a nice uneventful drive – ODO 296.2 +21.5°C.  Distance traveled – 139.7 mi.

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