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    Udar Gromov

    Wake up early – before 8AM to catch 9:48 train to Calais
    0838 Breakfast of fresh fruits and tea
    1010 first pictures in Calais City-hall square
    1014 statue to all the locals evicted by British occupation in XIV century. Large part of modern northern France was occupied by Britain for over 100 years (1347-08-04 – 1558)
    Climb on top of city-hall tower and watch a short 3-D film about Clais

    Walk on the street of Calais in a general direction of downtown and ferry
    At this point we are carrying all our possessions with us

    1058 we reached the church where Charles de Gaulle and Yvonne Vendroux got married – Église Notre-Dame de Calais – on 7 April 1921. Currently the church is completely closed for renovations, but there is no sign that renovation will end any time soon
    1116 just taking a break in a shadows of former water fountain
    1234 we bought 2 tickets to cross The Channel
    1316 climb on board the ferry – Pride of Bugundy

    * * * 90 minutes crossing The Channel * * *
    Book a one night stay at Dover – at Salisbury House
    * * * time jumps one hour back * * *

    1415 we are in Britain (Dover)

    Check into our B&B – Salisbury House – very warm and comfortable
    1618 Look for back roads to the Castle – they want £20 to visit
    Barbed wire and deep moat protects entrance to the castle near the cliffs
    1717 We get close enough to white cliffs to take a picture on the ferry port from above
    1731 Private property must have a passage for hiker every so often by law. There is no “No Trespassing” law in England
    1813 walk onto the Dover streets
    1836 vegan food at The Allotment where cheerful Spanish host runs business for many years
    1907 Prince Albert visited Dover in 1842 and streets and houses were renamed to commemorate the event
    1916 Is railroad station still open? Yes – till 9PM. Trains for London leaves every hour, but it will cost us another £65 to go – we did not know that we need to buy before 6PM previous day for a 50% discount! Lesson learned.
    2230 Lira took a picture of the Castle from our bathroom window
    2234 Our purple room is on the third floor is very colorful with posters of ALL Broadway shows

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