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    Udar Gromov

    Wake up in Hôtel Alexandra – it will be a hot day, but I am definitely having a cold now
    1049 walk along the beach while Lira is gathering her things in the room
    1113 pictures from the hotel window along the street – Rue Adolphe Thiers
    1250 walk around city walls – pictures memorials of fallen solders of many wars from Vietnam to Crimea, from Madagascar to Mexico
    1311 Citadel with a moat and a bridge
    1345 pictures of water lilies in the moat
    1415 – bought very exotic concentrated mouth wash at French Pharmacie. You suppose to dilute the mixture before using it
    1452 – supermarket Carrefour City- fruits, vegetables and tea for lunch (€24.31)

    Lunch in the room by the open window – it is hot, but my nose is running

    Trip to a nearby Gare de Boulogne Tintelleries – train station
    1811 there are no attendant. Only a mashine to sell tickets. Once again, I can use MasterCard because I do not have a pin. After many iterations of changing and re-changing Euros I finally bought train tickets to go to Clais tomorrow (€17)
    1905 discover Eduardo Kobra wall mural – picture of Monet at work with his painting on the next building
    2043 complete our meal at another Indian Restaurant – Lal Qila (€29) right by the Notre Dame cathedral

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