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    Udar Gromov

    0820 wake up – another sunny morning
    0949 arrive to Westminster Abbey – tourist already crowding the place and a long line is forming
    Westminster Abbey hosts Newton, Darwin, Hawkins (2018), Dickens (1870), Handel, Kings and Queens, Prime minister and many people of influence. Photos are discouraged. You can climb even higher for additional £5.
    1327 explore galleries adjacent to Abbey inner yard, Britain oldest door (year 1050),
    1500 depart the Abbey, but you can re-enter with that day braslet
    1514 Westminster Palace – seat of Parlament
    Visit House of Commons – have to wait a little bit (10-15 minutes) for your turn, very tight agenda, direct conversation with ministers, dedicated TV channel, glass separates visitor for privacy and security.
    Visit House of Lords – wide open agenda that allows for any topic to be raised, reports/speeches read, but there is no one to respond. Main refrain here – let’s do this one more good thing without “how to pay for this” component.
    1742 emerge back into the streets. Big Ben is covered with scaffolding
    1748 bus trip back to Hilton
    Executive supper at Executive launge
    2034 “last” walk in the park backed in “last” already cold sun
    2121 “last” sunset pictures in the room

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