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    Udar Gromov

    0939 wake up +23°C
    1046 morning walk in Hyde Park
    1120 Lira is ready – I want to return by a street bike, but credit card must have a pin, that I do not have
    1159 Depart for Greenwich
    Trip to Greenwich on Docklands Light Railway (DLR). Transition from tube to DLR is covered by Oyster Card and it is considered the same trip as long as you make your transfer withing several minutes of exiting tube and entering DLR.
    1357 search for a Zero Meridian near Royal Observatory
    Back to London
    Tower Bridge
    I looked at the Russia-Spain score – it was 1:1
    Many pictures of the Tower bridge from South bank
    Take tube back to hotel
    2041 I ordered 2 tickets for Westminster Abbey (2 x £20) for Monday
    2117 last pictures in the room with departing sun
    2146 Croatia beats Denmark (2:2) by Penalties. Now Russia would play with Croatia.

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